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Simply die-cutting – BOGRAMA's core competence is die-cutting.

Innovative die-cut systems for the creative subsequent finishing of printed material from the job printing, pharmaceutical, packaging, label, playing card and digital print sectors.

For the production of mailings, advertising supplements, booklet labels, folders, greeting cards, folded boxes and labels in one-up or multiple-up mode.

Simple tool technology, short setup times and high-precision fitting accuracy are synonymous with cost-optimised production.

Automatic discharging of section grids and simultaneous separation of inner cuts increases efficiency and guarantees neat delivery of the blanks or their direct subsequent finishing in machines interfaced downstream.


S45 small folding machine

The small folding machine S45 is suitable for the production of short folded sheets. It is available in a predefined configuration. However, the choice of continuous- or flat pile feeder is available. By dispensing with machine variants, production can be cheap and fast. The S45 package includes the feeder, the first and second folding units, the transfer unit, and the vertical delivery.

The S45 disposes of features that reduce set-up times, such as the integrated, movable transfer unit. The eight or four new types of buckle plates that allow for all adjustment work without removing the buckle plates. This ensures comfortable operation and saves change-over time. The small folding machine can be equipped with various peripherals, such as a press, a labelling unit or a parallel knife folding unit. With the S45, customers receive a rapidly available, complete small folding unit at a low price.


Hohner with core competencies in wire stitching technology presents:

  • The Hohner Hybrid Stitcher “HHS Futura”, the multifunctional concept with up to five different functions for the individual booklet production
  • Hohner’s fully automated HSB 13.000 including many options which delivers more added value than ever
  • The tool-less HSB 9.000


Autonomous production with fold quality control and signature change

MBO shows something unique: the autonomous post press processing from the feeder to the stacking of the signatures. This is possible by two completely new components: the optical fold quality control and the fully automatic signature change.

The control of the folded products takes place directly behind the folding machine by means of two cameras that measure the folding tolerances of the folded sheets. Signatures that are outside the tolerance are automatically ejected. This ensures that only perfectly folded sheets are transferred to the subsequent process.

For the fully automatic signature change, a camera on the feeder reads a data code that was previously printed on the signature. Each signature has its own code. If the signature changes, the CoBo-Stack cobot deposits the following signature on a new pallet. This prevents that different signatures are mixed up.

The autonomous production line from MBO is a milestone towards the fully automated post press. Finally, the bottleneck in post press is history!


Modular solutions for any company size and every printing area

Experience tailor-made inline and offline solutions from the modular system from baumannperfecta - from the simple pile lifter to the fully automatic jogging and cutting system integrated into the workflow. Efficient automation solutions for your processes in postpress before, during and after cutting. Manually or fully automatically with the latest robotics technology, solutions from baumannperfecta are as individual as your requirements and as versatile as your orders - whether in label production, packaging printing or also in classic commercial printing. State-of-the-art technologies for your company that make the difference. The future is now!

The new BASA evolution

Innovations consistently thought ahead. Rely on innovative technology instead of muscle power! The BASA evolution is the perfect automation solution for your postpress process - in the standard version as an affordable entry-level version in automated jogging, the BASA evolution can optionally be expanded to a complete automation line. Depending on the version, it transfers the jogged, aligned and pressed layers directly to the back table of the cutting machine, to a buffer store or, optionally, to two cutting machines.

Always one cut ahead - with the fully automatic BASS cutting system

What is still a long way off for others is already standard for us today. Cutting machines with modern industrial robots that take over the tasks of the operator. The multifunctional gripper systems specially developed by baumannperfecta not only handle the turning and transport of the layers / panels, but also the alignment and transfer to the next step. The robot is controlled by the cutting machine's program.

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Ideal solution for small runs

Wohlenberg presents the perfect binder Quickbinder Edition Digital in combination with a three-knife trimmer D09 System DGR. These machines as inline combination shows you the smallest perfect binding line from Wohlenberg - with up to 2.000 cycles/h.

With Edition Digital, a thickness variable production is possible for both machines - perfect binder as well as the three-knife trimmer. It offers our customer a unique opportunity to produce inline brochures with different product thickness, even in short runs. Moreover, the Quickbinder continues to offer its unique variety of equipment options, such a gauzing station and all glue technologies. Wohlenberg is ready for the next step.

And as a special topic from all brands: Connectivity/IoT

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